AEDP for Couples has been developed from a unique combination of AEDP theory and practice, couples therapy modalities, Authentic movement principles and Affective Neuroscience. AEDP for Couples is developed by David Mars (PhD) and  Karen Pando-Mars (MFT), Senior AEDP faculty members, working with couples and families.

In AEDP for Couple’s work, the therapist is intending to bring about healing processes for each individual in a way that allows each to become the sensitive and reliable other for the other partner. This means moving from repetitive, reflexive and reactive patterns into responses of curiosity and interest and taking less and less personally the fights, flights and frights that have previously triggered escalation.

The AEDPfC therapist guides couple members to become progressively more willing and capable to endure potential triggers and to hold awareness of their somatic awareness until the original wounds come into view and together with my firm and kind guidance, the warmth of their own love and inner guidance grows.  Verifiable trust, love and caring then come to the fore. Each couple member learns how to listen deeply and stand with and support the other in new ways.  This process brings corrective emotional and relational experiences that surprise the self of each partner

In the AEDP for Couples method, we grow the relationship vehicle for transformation to increasingly meet and satisfy early longings and unmet needs.  We grow the strength of new attachment bonds between each member of the couple. With deepening safety and accompaniment each member of the couple can support the exploration and courage needed to face honestly the historic moments and patterns that need fresh completion, rewiring and healing. In this way, each couple member grows their own earned security and transforms the lived experience of their relationship.

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