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Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) is a therapeutic approach that harnesses the individual’s natural drive towards health and recovery from emotional upheaval and trauma.

The therapeutic relationship between the AEDP therapist and the patient is characterized by a sense of safety and connectedness. It is precisely here, within this relationship, that the patient’s sense of aloneness can be undone, paving the way for the journey back towards vitality and growth.

AEDP seeks to promote change processes in the service of the client’s mental well-being. The therapist invites the client to take part in experiential work on multiple levels. By working together with deep experiential processing, AEDP therapists help clients rebuild their innate self-experience (Core Self).

The foundations of AEDP rest on several areas of knowledge, all integrated into a rich and coherent therapeutic approach: Traditional and developmental psychodynamic knowledge; interpersonal neurobiology; Attachment theory; theoretical and practical knowledge based on affective neuroscience; and research in the field of change and transformation processes.

AEDP was developed by Dr. Diana Fosha, Ph.D., who is the founder and director of the AEDP Institute formed in New York City in 2004.  Her elucidative writings appear in multiple publications and she is the author of various works, including her highly acclaimed book: The Transforming Power of Affect: A Model for Accelerated Change (2000), published by Basic Books.

Today, AEDP stands at the forefront of current therapeutic modalities, offering professionalism, precision, and hope.