Welcome to the official website of the Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy in Israel – AEDP Israel

Maybe you’re searching for a way to deal with difficult feelings such as sadness or fear. Maybe you’re dealing with difficult memories that make it hard to sleep, or keep you worried throughout the day.

Maybe, all you know is that something just doesn’t feel right.

AEDP can help you regain your vitality and aliveness while having a supportive and meaningful relationship with the AEDP therapist. This relationship is created and nurtured on a foundation of safety and growing trust. In addition, AEDP provides a focused, structured, and clear process to guide you and your therapist through your journey towards recovery and healing.

This website includes information about AEDP and a directory of therapists who are practicing AEDP in Israel. Please feel free to reach out to any of us.  We are here for you with the intention of creating a sense of deep safety together and a respectful and caring relationship between therapist and client that will serve as the foundation for hope and change. Every therapist listed in this site’s directory has received formal training and experience in AEDP and practices this model as a fundamental tool in their work.

AEDP is suitable for individual work, for couples and family therapy, and for parental guidance. The directory provides information regarding specific areas of each therapist’s expertise as well as the location and level of AEDP training and certification.

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