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Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy In Israel

AEDP helps individuals cope with trauma and painful life experience by tapping into their inner healing capacities and through the flourishing development of a supportive relational connection with the therapist. Fostering safety and undoing the aloneness of past traumatic experience is the hallmark of AEDP.

Following a clear and structured process, the therapist and client join together in a journey comprised of shared emotional experience, processing, observing the therapeutic process, and reflecting upon the self through relational connection and channels of experience.

Underlying the AEDP stance are attachment theory; affective neuroscience; interpersonal neurobiology and processes of change; intersubjective therapy; and approaches that include and focus on the body.

Currently, AEDP is at the forefront of current therapeutic modalities, demonstrating positive therapeutic efficacy through established international research. In the video below, watch two members of the AEDP faculty, Danny Yeung and Dale Trimble, describe the inner experience of accompanying clients on their journey toward revival and growth.

The AEDP International Institute and the growing AEDP community of therapists in Israel:
The AEDP-Israel community consists of a growing list of therapists engaged in the study and practice of AEDP as a working model. The community serves as an official branch of the AEDP international community and AEDP Institute — and is the home for professional development in AEDP in Israel. In this sense, the Israeli community seeks to create an intellectual environment that is curious, supportive, and inspiring for its members who share its therapeutic language and values. If you would like to join our community of therapists, we would welcome and appreciate your joining. Please contact us through “Find Ways to Connect” in the link below. Moreover, you will find colleagues who can assist you through supervision or by peer study companions.


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