Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, AEDP, strengthens the individual’s capacity to cope with trauma and painful life experience with a sense of growth and hope, all within the context of a close and supportive therapeutic relationship.

The therapeutic relationship, enhanced by safety and authentic connection, works to reduceand undo client aloneness. Through a clear and structured process, both the client and therapist work their way to tap into emotional experience; to process that experience; to observe the therapeutic process (a state called meta-processing); and to process aspects of the self from the standpoint of past, present and future relational and emotional experiences. Each state is reached through a specific state transformation, using the client-therapist relationship as a vehicle of transformation, as well as the client’s innate strivings and capacity for growth.

AEDP was developed by Dr. Diana Fosha, Ph.D., who is the director of the AEDPInternational Institute and a leading psychotherapist and theory-constructor in the fieldof trauma and mental health. Dr. Fosha presents the AEDP model with its variousimplications at international conferences around the world.

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